Doing Business With, In & From Chile
The Technology Hub Of Latin America

Chilean Government Initiatives

Why Chile Is A Good Place To Do Business

Chile is a forward thinking, technologically advanced country, with good infrastructure, an adaptable workforce, a fiscally prudent banking sector and a stable government that welcomes inward investment. Start-up Chile offers incentives to suitable early stage startup businesses as an inducement to relocate to the country.

Foreign Direct Investment In Chile

Invest Chile is the official government agency charged with promoting Chile in the global marketplace. Chile offers investors opportunities in high added-value sectors in both public and private projects.

Promoting Chilean Goods And Services To The World

Pro Chile is the department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for promoting Chilean goods and services to the world, in terms of exports, tourism and foreign direct investment.

Chile, A World In One Country

Chile Travel is the government agency responsible for promoting personal and business tourism in Chile. From the Pacific Ocean to the west, to the Andes mountains to the east, to the glaciers in the far south, to the Mediterranean-style climate in the central region, to the driest desert in the world in the north, Chile is a country like no other.

Chilean Government Tenders And Contracts

Chile Compra is the government agency responsible for the co-ordination of government contracts and tenders. If you want to supply goods and/or services to the Chilean Government then Mercado Público is the place to register your interest.

The Image Of Chile In The World

Marca Chile is the government agency dedicated to the promotion of Chile to the wider world, in terms of culture, lifestyle, business, innovation and science.

Chilean Business & Financial Indicators